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Nu-Edge® Self-Ligating Brackets



Introducing Nu-Edge SL.

The proven CoCr performance of Nu-Edge brackets with a NEW self-ligating design.


The new standard in self-ligating brackets.

Nu-Edge SL sets the standard for self-ligating brackets. The design incorporates multiple options that gives you flexibility for your patient needs. A distinctive slide locks the archwire into place while hidden tie wings and undercuts can be used for additional ligation, if needed.

All this in a single bracket with an ultra-smooth surface of cobalt chromium.


Experience efficiency and convenience.

Nu-Edge Self-Ligating Brackets provide the following:

  • Low nickel content – Cobalt chromium is biocompatible for nickel-sensitive patients and offers superior strength to prevent slot collapse due to occlusal forces.
  • Robust Locking Mechanism – Once the slide is locked in place the archwire slot becomes a ridged tunnel preventing the bracket from being unseated. The slide is easily opened using a standard explorer and closed simply by applying finger pressure.
  • Maze Base Design – The maze base is designed for optimal bond strength and unmatched adhesive retention during debonding.
  • Ligation Options – Hidden tie wings allow for traditional elastomeric ligation if needed. Metal ties can also be used due to the strategically placed auxiliary wire slot.

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