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Nu-Edge® Cobalt Chromium Brackets

Setting the standard for metal brackets. Stronger CoCr alloy material. Lower friction. Superior biocompatibility.


Stronger material. Lower friction. Superior compatibility.

Nu-Edge Cobalt Chromium Brackets set the standard for all metal brackets, with friction levels lower than stainless steel brackets of similar design1. Nu-Edge brackets are the first orthodontic appliance to be made of cobalt chromium (CoCr), which provides several advantages over stainless steel.


Setting new standards for low friction

Nu-Edge Brackets set the standard for all metal brackets by providing the following:

  • Reduced friction – Using CoCr provides increased surface hardness, reducing friction forces, which are influenced by surface roughness and hardness. CoCr also prevents archwire slot collapse due to occlusal stress.
  • Cast vs. machined – Nu-Edge Brackets are cast rather than machined or milled. This produces an exceptionally smooth, precise archwire slot that further enhances the low-friction properties.
  • Low nickel content – Nu-Edge Brackets give you a worry-free, biocompatible treatment option for your nickel-sensitive patients.
  • Corrosion resistant – The CoCr alloy is naturally moisture-resistant.

Vertical slot

Some prescriptions are available with vertical slots that accept auxiliaries up to 0.46mm (.018″). Recommended auxiliaries are power pins, rotating springs and individual root torquing auxiliaries.

Nu-Edge Cobalt Chromium Brackets are available in MBT, Roth and BioTech.


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