Sunshine Act Information

A Special Message from TP Orthodontics – What you should know about “The Sunshine Act”

Beginning August 1, 2013, specific reporting requirements of Section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “The Sunshine Act”) go into effect, despite efforts of the ADA and other groups to modify or delay these regulations. The new laws will require all healthcare manufacturers to report certain “transfers of value” given to physicians.

“Transfers of value” include (but are not limited to) meals/entertainment, payment for lectures, sponsored travel and even charitable donations made on the physician’s behalf. TP Orthodontics and other manufacturers will be required to disclose “transfers of value” exceeding $10. Required information will be reported to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), including the following:

  • Recipient name and business address
  • National Provider Identification (NPI)
  • Area of specialty
  • Payment date and type and device/supply associated

The following are links to additional information that may be helpful to you:

Our Approach, Your Privacy

At TP Orthodontics we value your business and your privacy. Since the CMS intends to publish reported data on a publicly available website in 2014, we have decided to limit these reportable activities in an effort to minimize the amount of public information associated with your name and practice. Although qualifying “transfers of value” you receive from TPO will be reported as required, you will have an opportunity to review the information on a form developed for this purpose. We will require your signed consent for “transfers of value” exceeding $500.

For additional information, please call 800-348-8856 to speak with one of our Customer Care Specialists about how TP Orthodontics is handling these new regulations.