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Jasper Vektor® Class II Corrector

TP Orthodontics introduces the most innovative, comfortable and efficient solution for Class II correction.


In a Class of its Own

The Jasper Vektor Class II Correction Appliance is the only appliance that produces gentle, intrusive force vectors that do not tip the maxilla – just what is required for efficient Class II correction.

  • Produces gentle, curved force vectors since the appliance flexes in 25-45% of its overall length
  • Robust nickel titanium design
  • Easy installation
  • Free from the “food zone”
  • Allows natural lateral mandibular movement for patient comfort
  • Compliance independent

James J. Jasper, D.D.S.

Dr. James J. Jasper, is arguably one of the world’s leading experts on Class II correction. He began his extensive 45-year career in Denmark as an orthodontic instructor, where he also learned from Arne Bjork and others how the face developed. His works have been published globally and he has lectured in over 35 countries. Dr. Jasper has a private practice in Fairview, Oregon and holds several patents on Class II Correctors which have been used around the world.


  • 610-500 Class II Corrector Multi-Kit
    Kits consists of 1 pair size 27, 2 pairs size 30, 2 pairs size 33,
    1 pair size 36, 1 archwire installation tool, 20 archwire locks
  • 610-527 Class II Corrector Kit—size 27
  • 610-530 Class II Corrector Kit—size 30
  • 610-533 Class II Corrector Kit—size 33
  • 610-536 Class II Corrector Kit—size 36
    Single kit includes Left / Right component plus 4 Archwire Locks

Component Part

  • 610-527L 27mm Left, package of 5
  • 610-527R 27mm Right, package of 5
  • 610-530L 30mm Left, package of 5
  • 610-530R 30mm Right, package of 5
  • 610-533L 33mm Left, package of 5
  • 610-533R 33mm Right, package of 5
  • 610-536L 36mm Left, package of 5
  • 610-536R 36mm Right, package of 5
  • 610-502 Archwire Locks, package of 10


  • 610-501 Archwire Lock Installation Tool, each

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