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Click-It® Aesthetic Self-Ligating Brackets



Total control.
Meet the aesthetic, self-ligating bracket system that delivers non-stop performance in every phase.


Click-It puts you in total control

The Click-It Aesthetic Self-Ligating Bracket System incorporates a design philosophy of correctly matching the archwire-to-bracket frictional dynamic to the needs of the doctor at each phase of treatment. Featuring Personalized Color-Matching Technology® exclusive to TPO®, means Click-It Aesthetic Self-Ligating Brackets will blend with virtually any tooth shade, providing doctors and patients a treatment plan that pleases both. Welcome to a new level of treatment satisfaction and efficiency.


Total control, every phase

The unique, four-walled design enables optimum archwire-to-slot interaction. Click-It adjusts to accommodate the mode of interaction from the start of the treatment to an effortless finish. Your patients can be confident treatment will go as planned.

Performs faster

  • Bracket engages the wire passively with a width of 0.56mm (.022″)
  • Slot enables sliding without undesirable, excessive torque
  • Patient discomfort reduced with oversized archwire-to-slot clearance to soften force

Promotes more movement

  • Archwire slot quickly adjusts in size and applies a “soft” restriction on the wire to introduce progressive mode
  • “Soft” interference provides controlled sliding for space closure and ideal parallel root movement
  • Controlled sliding enabled without binding

Delivers the perfect finish

  • Simplified space closure, adjustment to midline and final positioning with use of sliding mechanics
  • Total control for root paralleling and incisor torque requirements provided by full wire sizes in the 0.56mm (.022″) archwire slot

Clean, safe debonding

An exclusive base from TPO

Click-It Self-Ligating Aesthetic Brackets feature an exclusive molded polymer mesh base that protects teeth by preventing direct contact between the ceramic and tooth enamel. The base is designed using symmetric replication technology, creating a mesh surface that will flex during debonding while retaining most of the adhesive. Many other ceramic brackets must be fractured in order to debond. Not this bracket. Unlike other ceramic brackets, Click-It does not require compression or breaking and requires no special tools.



The perfect match for any patient

Only TP Orthodontics Aesthetic Brackets feature an exclusive Personalized Color-Matching Technology. Brackets absorb wavelengths of light and blend to adjust to the color of the teeth they’re on.


What does it do?

  • Proprietary ceramic material closely duplicates optical properties of natural teeth
  • Absorbs certain wavelengths of light, allowing only natural tooth color to show
  • Creates look of transparency that matches virtually any tooth color

How does it work?

Optical properties, including color and translucency, vary widely among patients’ teeth. The high density ceramic material consists of microstructural elements that are specially engineered to provide a perfect combination of these optical properties. When light and color are diffused by the bracket, the bracket blends with the surrounding enamel – causing it to be visually imperceptible.


When compared with 18 different brackets, the TPO bracket with Personalized Color-Matching Technology was the only brand that showed a good relationship with the color of natural teeth regarding all color parameters. It was also the only brand rated as “visually imperceptible”. 1

1. Influence of optical properties of aesthetic brackets (color, translucence, and fluorescence) on visual perception; Hibernon Lopes Filho, Lúcio E. G. Maia, Marcus Vinicius A. Araújo, and António Carlos O. Ruellas; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthoepy 2012; 141:460-7). Copyright by the American Association of Orthodontists 2012.

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